🚨MDB5 VUE v. 5.0.0 Released!🚨

🚨MDB5 VUE v. 5.0.0 Released!🚨

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Version v5.0.0, released 22.04.2024.

Breaking changes

  • Improved and updated TypeScript to work with the strict: true flag: in all components and plugins.

  • Removed package vue3-perfect-scrollbar and replaced it with our own custom implementation.

Fixed & improved

  • Calendar:

    • Added dateFormat prop.

    • Fixed working with custom date format.

  • Datatables:

    • Added possibility to implement id attribute for a table itself.

    • Fixed borders with Fixed columns example while table is resizing.

  • Datepicker:

    • Added aria-disabled attribute to disabled dates/months/years.

    • Added translated aria-label attribute (if translate was provided) and fixed position of it.

    • Fixed rows width to align dates with week days.

  • Dummy - fixed prop size when passing "100%" value.

  • Input - fixed recalc functionality when component is inside another one.

  • Lazy loading - fixed infinite loop of image loading when src and error props are invalid.

  • Link - changed hard-coded value for link decoration to a $link-decoration variable.

  • Select:

    • Fixed keyboard behavior which was standardized with a native element.

    • Fixed clear button behavior - now blocks when disabled prop is passed.

    • Added search event.

  • Popconfirm:

    • Added event cancel when exiting with click outside or escape key.

    • Added focus trap for modal version.

    • Added block for scrolling in modal verion.

  • Sidenav - removed animation when changing sidenav height.

  • Stepper:

    • Fixed style for disabled text.

    • Fixed issue with resize step's height whent it's too big than default value. Now you could use setHeight method to resize the content by yourself.

    • Fixed validation for linear vertical version.

    • Added new event: onChangedStep which is invoking after passing an active step.

  • Table editor:

    • Fixed navigation for smaller screens.

    • Fixed edit buttons position.

    • Added an object with edited row for edit event.

  • Timepicker:

    • Added clear event.

    • Fixed arrows working in inline version - now counting stops when user mouse up in another place in website.

    • Changed default value to false for ripple prop.

  • Transfer - checkboxes Source and Target are now labels instead of spans.

  • Transitions - fixed broken animations.

  • Treetable - fixed opening animation.

  • Tree view - fixed issue when selecting all children elements does not selected a parent checkbox.

    Check out the full Changelog and MDB VUE here.