MDB5 React Version 8.0.0 released.

MDB5 React Version 8.0.0 released.

Bootstrap + React. What more Do You Need?


  • Autocomplete - Changed onSelect to return option data instead of string value only

Fixed & improved:

  • Improved dev repository to facilitate plugins development and testing

  • DateTimepicker:

    • Removed props: defaultTime, defaultDate, , dateFormat, timeFormat. These options can be passed through timepickerOptions and datepickerOptions.

    • Removed inputRef. Input reference can be reached with forwardRef.

  • Timepicker:

    • Fixed disabling scroll on mobiles in modal mode

    • Fixed bug causing hour not to be selected after click on the clock

    • Fixed issue causing z-index to be not applied correctly

  • Select:

    • Props will be spread on the input instead of the div wrapper

    • Fixed triggering 'onChange' when keyboard is used on the closed select

  • Transfer - Fixed bug causing endless loop when the data was undefined.

  • Stepper:

    • Fixed height calculating in horizontal mode

    • Added validating all form controls in stepper linear

  • Collapse - Fixed height calculating when collapse is not initially visible

  • Modal:

    • Fixed bug causing 'undefined is not iterable' error for leaveHiddenModal=false

    • Fixed a bug causing the backdrop not to be displayed when the modal was quickly closed and reopened

    • Fixed triggering onOpen and onClose events

    • Removed setOpen. Modal will accept only the open prop to manage the open state. Use onClose event to control it.

  • Popconfirm - Added focus trap and improved keyboard accessibility

  • Calendar - Migrated from SelectDeprecated to Select

  • Dummy - Migrated from SelectDeprecated to Select

  • TableEditor - Migrated from SelectDeprecated to Select

  • Treeview - Fixed collapse animation

  • Toast - Updated background colors

  • Lightbox - Removed fontAwesome option

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