MDB5 React 7.2.0 Released!

MDB5 React 7.2.0 Released!

Version 7.2.0, released 29.01.2024


Fixed & improved:

  • Perfect Scrollbar:

    • Removed react-perfect-scrollbar dependency and created custom component implementation

    • Fixed 'relative imports outside of src/ are not supported' error in Next.js src/ project

  • Created custom createPortal implementation to prevent SSR related issues in the following components:

  • Select:

    • Fixed bug when selectData was being changed during option selection

    • Fixed keyboard accessibility bug when the selected option had no value

  • Timepicker:

    • Added handlers for arrowLeft & arrowRight events in timepicker 24h modal mode to make changing hour with the keyboard easier

    • Fixed a bug causing the sidenav to be above the backdrop until the timepicker animation was complete

Full changelog here