MDB Standard Version 7.3.1 released

MDB Standard Version 7.3.1 released

Bootstrap + Plain JS

Fixed & improved:

  • File upload

    • fixed preview not displaying for extensions: webp, bmp, gif

    • fixed option acceptedExtensions bug for .zip extension

  • Input fields

    • added CSS variables to allow easier outline customization

    • fixed error that was triggered on focus after dispose

    • fixed the placeholder display for input fields of type: time, datetime-local, month, week

  • Calendar - fixed display issue with long events

  • Drag and drop - fixed animation for blockXAxis

  • Multi item carousel - fixed timeout for the first slide display in upward animation

  • Treeview - fixed checkbox click toggling collapse

  • Vector maps - fixed zoom buttons shadow

  • Accordion - fixed downward facing arrows display in light theme

  • Autocomplete - fixed behavior for Shift + End and Shift + Home key combinations

  • Select - fixed select outline bug after validation

  • Stepper - fixed option stepperOptional

  • Fixed manual initialization breaking auto-initialization for some components

MDB Standard Version 7.3.1