MDB Standard Version 7.3.0, released 27.05.2024

MDB Standard Version 7.3.0, released 27.05.2024

Plain JS


  • Updated Bootstrap to 5.3.3 version

New features:

Datetimepicker - added information about the current value to valueChanged.mdb.datetimepicker event

Fixed & improved:


- fixed error occurring on view change

- fixed week view header background color

Organization chart

- fixed card background color

- fixed vertical line color in dark theme


- fixed bug after update

- fixed styles not updating when switching from dark to light theme


- fixed All as entries option value

- fixed active in clickable rows not applying styles


- fixed passing options to pickers

- fixed picker styling on small screens


- fixed hiding groups with filtered out options

- fixed not changing active class with focused element in multiple select


- fixed styling in dark mode for inline picker

- fixed timepicker dispose breaks dropdowns present on the page

Drag and drop - fixed z-index in nested elements

File upload - fixed console error after adding file

Multi item carousel - fixed first element animation

Mention - fixed illegal invocation bug after click on no results

Onboarding - fixed scrolling when no scrollbars are present

Table editor - fixed styles for table editor hover and striped not applying

Autocomplete - fixed error while clicking no result

Input fields - fixed background after autocomplete

Sidenav - fixed link styles not using variables

MDB Standard Version 7.3.0