AI News Weekly by Keep Coding #3

AI News Weekly by Keep Coding #3

Apple & Google AI Alliance, Open-source Sakana AI, AI's impact on market productivity & more.

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Apple Reportedly in Talks with Google to License Gemini AI for iPhones

​​The Rundown: Apple is exploring a partnership with Google to integrate Gemini AI into iPhones, enhancing their search collaboration.

​​The Details:

  • Ongoing negotiations could lead to a formal announcement by June, amid antitrust concerns.

  • This collaboration could help both companies navigate the upcoming Digital Markets Act regulations.

  • The partnership is seen as a way to maintain mutual benefits while enhancing iPhone functionalities.

​​Why It Matters: This move could redefine user experiences on iPhones and shift competitive dynamics in the tech industry

Microsoft Hires Inflection Founders to Run New Consumer AI Division

​​The Rundown: Microsoft has recruited Inflection AI's Mustafa Suleyman and Karén Simonyan for its new consumer AI division.

Humorous take

The Details:

  • The appointment signifies Microsoft's aggressive recruitment strategy to lead in AI.

  • The new unit will focus on consumer AI advancements, emphasizing products like Copilot, Bing, and Edge.

  • The move is seen as a significant bet on AI to compete against rivals in the tech industry.

Why It Matters: This strategic hire positions Microsoft at the forefront of AI, potentially reshaping the consumer technology landscape

Tokyo Lab Sakana Releases Open-source AI Models

The Rundown: Sakana, a lab in Tokyo founded by former Google researchers, has made open-source AI models available to the public.

The Details:

  • These models cater to various applications, including language processing and data analysis, and aim to promote innovation.

  • By offering these models for free, Sakana is contributing to the global AI research community and fostering collaboration.

  • The release is part of a broader trend toward democratizing AI technologies, enabling wider access and experimentation.

​​Why It Matters: This initiative democratizes access to advanced AI technologies, encouraging innovation and collaboration in the global AI field

Generative AI's Impact on Western Workplace Productivity

The Rundown:: The adoption and impact of generative AI in workplaces vary significantly between Western countries and their global counterparts.

​​The Details:

  • There's a notable disparity in the embrace of AI tools between Western workers and those in other regions, influencing overall workplace productivity.

  • Cultural and regulatory differences contribute to varying levels of AI integration and experimentation across countries.

  • Scepticism and unfamiliarity among Western workers regarding AI tools highlight a critical gap in tech adaptation.

Why It Matters: The differing attitudes towards AI in Western countries could challenge their competitive edge in global markets, underlining the importance of enhancing AI familiarity and integration in workplaces.

A bit of a surprise, but GPT4 is not that bad at haiku…**​


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